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Stylogic app features

The Stylogic hair salon app has been created for the hair stylist. There are a host of features that have been added to help the stylist keep track of their customers.


Set up individual customer profiles with name, email, contact details.

Induction form - Questionnaire

A list of questions to ask new and existing customers to help build a profile image of the styling habits. You don’t need to ask all the questions and can be viewed and edited at any time.


Add the name of the stylist for each visit.

Comments and notes

Add comments to each visit to help refer back to on the customer next visit.


Create new visits for each client. A list of visits can be scrolled through on the client details page.


Take photos of each visit to keep track of the hair style created for each visit. Option to take 4 angles (Front, back and sides).

Colour Card

Option to add colour breakdown for each visit so you can easily go back to a previous colour cards used before.

Allergy test

Certain products need to be tested regularly to ensure they do not create an allergic reaction for the client. You can list the products tested and set the Allergy test period in the settings page when the products should be retested. By default this is set to 6 months. When the allergy test is out of date the the Allergy Test button will turn red and a reminder to inform you that the client needs a retest. The date is set to the day you save the Allergy text. So if you edit and reserve then the new date will be set for the date of saving.

Image sizing

On the setting page you have the option to select 3 different image sizes (Max, Medium Small). The Max option keeps the photo at its original size taken by your device. Medium will reduce the size of your image to 1500px width which is roughly half size. Small will reduce it to 768px width. By choosing these options can help to reduce the space taken by images on your device. All images are stored on the device within the app and can be saved as a combo or individually to you photo library or shared on social media.

Sharing images

You can share the images via the share button on the image editing page. The share button usies your devices standard sharing options and allows you to share via your favourite social media, save to your devices photo library or send via email. All 4 visit images are combined to one larger image to show all angles.

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