Changing the image size

3 years 6 months ago #5 by wicko
Currently all images are stored within the app. By default the App is set to MAX size storing the largest image size. This can take up space on your phone.

You can reduce the size of the images stored by going to the App Settings page. Got to the home page of the App and press the gear icon. There are 3 sizing options:

MAX = 1500 pixel width image
Medium = 1000 pixel width image
Small = 500 pixel width image

You can select the image size you want to save by pressing the horizontal selector and pressing save on the settings screen. All images taken and added to each visit will now be reduce to size selected.

If you have taken larger image on previous visits and want to reduce them then you can select the smaller size and open each visit and press save again on the image editor screen to save at the new size.

Please note that it you have taken smaller images you will not be able to enlarge them.

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