How to add images to customer visits

3 years 6 months ago #7 by wicko
You can and and chance images for every customer visit.

First select the visit you want to add the images to.
  1. On the top right you will see a camera icon. Press this and it will take you to a new screen where you can add new images.
  2. First select the image you want to change. This will have a fine red line around it and become the large main image.
  3. Below the images there are 3 buttons. Library picture, Camera and large Share button. Select the Library picture if you want to choose an image from your devices image library. Select the Camera icon to take a new picture using your devices camera. If this is your first time then you will see a warning asking your permission for the App to access your photo library or access your camera. Allow this.
  4. For photo library simply select the image you prefer it will appear within your App.
  5. To take a new image with your camera simply take a new photo. When you take a new photo the image will appear with the option to either retake or use photo. When you select the photo to use then the new image will appear in your App.
  6. Select each of the 4 angle shots and follow steps 2-5 until you have added new images to all angles.[/lii]
  7. When you have chosen your images press the save option top right to save your image selection to your visit.

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