Site and Forum Guidelines and Terms of Use

Welcome to the support forums! Here, registered members can chat about all things related to Stylogic apps. There are a few simple rules to posting that should be followed:

No Self-Promotional Posting Except PAF Apps - Promoting your own software is not currently permitted except within specific guidelines. If you make a self-promotional post of anything except a Format app, your post will be edited and your account may be disabled. The exception is if someone asks a question directly related to your post.

  • short - postings of a paragraph or so. no long postings
  • simple, friendly language - press releases and marketing-speak have no place in the forums
  • infrequent - weekly postings would not be permitted. but one or two postings a month would be fine (this limit is per company/website/entity... all programs and employees/developers that are a part of that entity are counted together)

Homepage Link - You may enter a personal homepage or blog address within your profile. This will appear as a "Homepage" link next to your username when you make posts within the forums. Please do not link to other types of sites.

Signatures - Please refrain from posting links, email addresses, character patterns, dividing lines, block tags, bold tags or any other elements to signatures as this distracts from the real content within forum posts.

Check Support Before Posting - If you're having an issue with one of the portable apps published by, your best bet is to check the support page first. You can find it by clicking the Support link at the top of the page and then selecting the Support Page for the app in question.

Search the Site Before Posting - There's a chance that what you're posting about has been mentioned before. Posting about it again only serves to clutter up the forums and make it harder for people to find what they're looking for. So, before you post, use the search function on the top right of this page.

Search the Web Before Posting - If you're having an issue with a portable app, there's a chance that it may be an issue with the app itself and not specific to the portable version. So, you may find the answer to your question by simply searching the web for your issue.

Be Polite and Patient - If you're looking for help with something, feel free to post a question about it. Keep in mind, though, that this is free, open source software. Everyone on here is developing and helping support these apps in their spare time.

Post Details - If you're having a problem, post the pertinent details of your issue. What version of the app you're using. What operating system you're running on. Any extensions or plugins that may be contributing to the problem. What directory you're using it from (or if you're using the standard ones). When requesting apps, include a description of the app (what does it do) and a link to it.

Use a Relevant Subject - You'll be far more likely to get a response and get the appropriate people to read your post if you use an appropriate subject. Subjects like "problem", "error" or "need help" don't help others help you. If you have a problem, what is it? How can you summarize it? "Error in acme.dll on startup" would be a much more useful subject, for instance.

No Bumping - Don't add a comment to a post specifically to get it to move to the top of the recent posts page. This is called bumping and is frowned upon in most public forums as, by bumping a post with a nonsense comment, you push a post with a real comment further down. If people are interested in a post, they will see and comment on it. No bumping required.

No Multiposting - Don't post the same thing to multiple forums or post it more than once if your first post doesn't get a reply right away. This clutters up the forums and makes it harder for everyone to read everything.

One Account Per Person - Only one account per person, please. Sometimes on forum sites, people create secondary accounts to flame other people or to post a second message to their own topic, making it seem like there is more interest or agreement with their point of view. If your account is blocked for abuse, you may not create another one. Accounts may not be shared.

Legal Agreement - By visiting this website and these pages, signing up for an account, using our platform or services, or simililar you are entering into a legally binding agreement (even if you are using our services on behalf of a company) with Rare Ideas, LLC, the legal entity within which exists. This agreement includes these forum-wide guidelines and terms of use, our privacy policy, our copyrights and trademarks policy, and other terms that will be displayed to you at the time you first use certain features (such as signing up for a newsletter or registering for our forums), as may be amended from time to time. If you do not agree to these agreements, do not register for an account, sign up for our newsletter, or access or otherwise use our services.

No Scraping or Automation - You may not use manual or automated software, devices, scripts robots, other means or processes to access, "scrape", "crawl", "spider", or "cache" any of our content, services, updater database, or related data. An exception is made for search engines and similar services which index the entire web for public use provided they operate in accordance with our robots.txt and similar automation directives.

No Direct Linking or Direct Downloads - Directly linking to application downloads or images (hot-linking) is not permitted. Our download services on and our associated download servers is for use by our users visiting the website and downloading our apps in their web browser and for users of the Platform downloading our apps within the platform's app store and updater. Third party software and services may not make use of our download servers without the express written consent of

Play Nice - This community is only as strong as its members. As such, everyone is expected to conduct themselves accordingly. Name-calling, insults, etc have no place here. This shouldn't even have to be mentioned, but there have been some bad apples in the past.

Abuse - Do not post abusive content, links or images. If you see any such posts that appear to be abusive then bring them to the attention of the forum modorators by sending them a private message. Abusive posts will be taken down and the user who added the abusive content will be warned and could get their account blocked and removed. 

Thanks for reading and following the simple guidelines outlined above. We hope you enjoy the site.


David Wickstead